MS Word


Driving development of over ten shrink-wrap software product lines and several businesses that have been embraced by the marketplace and returned, on average, over $20M a year.

Consulting with several major corporations and many small start ups. Providing directional, architectural, design and engineering expertise resulting in 100% of clients requesting further services.

Driving product management teams and core business strategy as part of $200M business.

Effectively developing new new product offerings around customer relationships and market needs.

Successfully developing major partnerships. Negotiating numerous key agreements between partners, suppliers and customers.

Developing effective development processes providing risk management and generating products that were known for their rapid development and robust execution.

Creating connections and synergy between divisions and departments of several large organizations and aligning new product development for strategic success.

Over fifteen years developing and driving interdisciplinary organizations including Software Development, QA, Technical Support, Technical Publications, Marketing, Product Management.

Creating four different solutions development organizations and businesses leveraged from existing product businesses.

Directing several organizations based in multiple sites across the US and in Europe.






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